Contura stoves

Contura 520T Stove - 3 to 7kW output

Contura 520T Stove

Contura 520T is a modern soapstone stove that warms via its beautiful design even before the fire is lit. And despite the elegant impression, Contura 520T has 120 kg of soapstone to be proud of.

Soapstone has good heat retaining properties, which means that the stove also continues to emit heat long after the fire has gone out.

Contura 520T is equipped with the same practical and well-liked firebox as other stoves in the Contura 500 range. This means that Contura 520T burns cleanly and efficiently while maintaining low emission quantities through the entire output range. Therefore, Contura 520T is also P marked by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute.


Contura 550 Stove - 3 to 7kW output

Contura 550 Stove

Ceramic glass in the door and sidelights spreads the flickering firelight from the generously proportioned firebox to bathe the room in a relaxing sensation of heat and light.

All Contura 500 models have four convection pipes that pass through the top section of the firebox. These cool the hot fumes at the same time as they heat the ambient air in the room. Cool air from the room is sucked up at the back of the heater to be subsequently released through the top vent at a temperature of around 150°C. That’s what we call efficiency!


Contura 550A Stove - 3 to 7kW output

Contura 550A Stove

Contura 550A is a brushed-up version of the popular Contura 550, with brushed aluminium surround. The result is a durable stove with the right attitude.

Contura 550A has brushed aluminium sides and top. This, together with the steel top, gives the stove an elegant impression. As an option, the stove is available with a drawer, aluminium base or base in the same colour as the stove.

Brushed aluminium is an exciting material that reflects the character of the room and also introduces something new. In this way, the new Contura 550A blends into all environments at the same time as it stands out.


Contura 560K Stove - 3 to 7kW output

Contura 560K Stove

Light is an important ingredient in any room. The subtle hues of the tiles on the Contura 560K seem to capture the very essence of Nordic light.

The sides and top of this stove are finished with specially manufactured, extra hard-wearing tiles in a sleek, sand-coloured glaze that makes it easy to introduce candinavian style into just about any setting. Together with the generously proportioned glass door, the tiles give this model a distinctive character quite unlike any other stove in the series.

The state-of-the-art firebox incorporates the latest combustion technology and also has our unique firebox sidelights to add extra charm and appeal.


Contura 580 Stove - 3 to 7kW output

Contura 580 Stove

You can place the Contura 580 pedestal stove in the centre of a room. That’s ideal when you want to add an extra dimension to your furnishing style. Or keep bonechilling weather at bay.

Imagine a dull autumn day. Outside, it’s cold. Dank and damp. Wet leaves lie plastered to the ground. The wind moans. Darkness settles early. It’s hardly the season for spreading warm and sunny smiles.

The Contura 580 pedestal stove, on the other hand, spreads light, heat and cosiness wherever it is installed. As a welcoming oasis in the centre of a room. Or a discreet source of heat against a wall. And it banishes bad weather blues all year round.


Contura 590T Stove - 3 to 7kW output

Contura 590T Stove

The tall soapstone stove increases heat retention and raises the fire to a higher level.

Soapstone has the capacity to store heat long after the fire has gone out. For those who want even greater heating output, installing a heat tank behind the upper front panel gives a few extra hours of warmth.

The efficiency of the Contura 590T is greater than 80%.


Contura 655 Stove - 3 to 9kW output

Contura 655 Stove

Contura 600 series stoves are a contemporary and highly efficient heat source. The new Contura 655 with added side lights widens the view allowing the fire to be enjoyed from all angles.

Contura 655 with the same efficient and well appreciated firebox as other stoves in the Contura 600 range. The Contura 655 burns cleanly and efficientlywhile maintaining low emission quantities through its entire output range.

As with other stoves in the Contura 600 range, Contura 655 can be equipped with many accessories. Tops, shelves and bases are all interchangeable for maximum freedom of choice. Contura 655 is available in grey and black.

The efficiency of the Contura 655 is greater than 80%.


Contura 660K Stove - 3 to 9kW output

Contura 660K Stove

The Contura 660 is the ideal solution for modern living. Compact, easy to install and a beautiful addition to the home. The extra large, curved glass door makes a blazing fire the focal point in any room.

There is no need for a masonry chimney with any of the Contura range as highly insulated metal flue can can be used.

The 660K is finished in specially manufactured tiles in a matt sand-coloured glaze – a beautiful material that brings a sensation of Nordic light to your home. High-gloss, ivory-coloured tiles are also available.

The efficiency of the Contura 660 is greater than 80%.


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